# Ethereum EIPs: Stagnant (211)

Eip Title Created Status Category Type
86 Abstraction of transaction origin and signature 2017-02-10 Stagnant Core Standards Track
101 Serenity Currency and Crypto Abstraction 2015-11-15 Stagnant Core Standards Track
107 safe "eth_sendTransaction" authorization via html popup 2016-06-05 Stagnant Interface Standards Track
205 ENS support for contract ABIs 2017-02-06 Stagnant ERC Standards Track
210 Blockhash refactoring 2017-02-10 Stagnant Core Standards Track
233 Formal process of hard forks 2017-03-23 Stagnant Meta
615 Subroutines and Static Jumps for the EVM 2016-12-10 Stagnant Core Standards Track
616 SIMD Operations for the EVM 2017-04-25 Stagnant Core Standards Track
663 Unlimited SWAP and DUP instructions 2017-07-03 Stagnant Core Standards Track
665 Add precompiled contract for Ed25519 signature verification 2018-03-25 Stagnant Core Standards Track
689 Address Collision of Contract Address Causes Exceptional Halt 2017-08-15 Stagnant Core Standards Track
698 OPCODE 0x46 BLOCKREWARD 2017-08-28 Stagnant Core Standards Track
747 Add wallet_watchAsset to Provider 2018-08-13 Stagnant Interface Standards Track
758 Subscriptions and filters for completed transactions 2017-11-09 Stagnant Interface Standards Track
823 Token Exchange Standard 2018-01-06 Stagnant ERC Standards Track
831 URI Format for Ethereum 2018-01-15 Stagnant ERC Standards Track
858 Reduce block reward and delay difficulty bomb 2018-01-29 Stagnant Core Standards Track
867 Standardized Ethereum Recovery Proposals 2018-02-02 Stagnant Meta
884 DGCL Token 2018-02-14 Stagnant ERC Standards Track
900 Simple Staking Interface 2018-02-22 Stagnant ERC Standards Track
902 Token Validation 2018-02-14 Stagnant ERC Standards Track
918 Mineable Token Standard 2018-03-07 Stagnant ERC Standards Track
926 Address metadata registry 2018-03-12 Stagnant ERC Standards Track
927 Generalised authorisations 2018-03-12 Stagnant ERC Standards Track
969 Modifications to ethash to invalidate existing dedicated hardware implementations 2018-04-03 Stagnant Core Standards Track
1010 Uniformity Between 0xAb5801a7D398351b8bE11C439e05C5B3259aeC9B and 0x15E55EF43efA8348dDaeAa455F16C43B64917e3c 2018-04-18 Stagnant Core Standards Track
1011 Hybrid Casper FFG 2018-04-20 Stagnant Core Standards Track
1015 Configurable On Chain Issuance 2018-04-20 Stagnant Core Standards Track
1046 ERC20 Metadata Extension 2018-04-13 Stagnant ERC Standards Track
1051 Overflow checking for the EVM 2018-05-02 Stagnant Core Standards Track
1056 Ethereum Lightweight Identity 2018-05-03 Stagnant ERC Standards Track
1057 ProgPoW, a Programmatic Proof-of-Work 2018-05-02 Stagnant Core Standards Track
1062 Formalize IPFS hash into ENS(Ethereum Name Service) resolver 2018-05-02 Stagnant ERC Standards Track
1066 Status Codes 2018-05-05 Stagnant ERC Standards Track
1077 Gas relay for contract calls 2018-05-04 Stagnant ERC Standards Track
1078 Universal login / signup using ENS subdomains 2018-05-04 Stagnant ERC Standards Track
1080 Recoverable Token 2018-05-02 Stagnant ERC Standards Track
1081 Standard Bounties 2018-05-14 Stagnant ERC Standards Track
1087 Net gas metering for SSTORE operations 2018-05-17 Stagnant Core Standards Track
1102 Opt-in account exposure 2018-05-04 Stagnant Interface Standards Track
1109 PRECOMPILEDCALL opcode (Remove CALL costs for precompiled contracts) 2018-05-22 Stagnant Core Standards Track
1129 Standardised DAPP announcements 2018-05-31 Stagnant ERC Standards Track
1132 Extending ERC20 with token locking capability 2018-06-03 Stagnant ERC Standards Track
1175 Wallet & shop standard for all tokens (erc20) 2018-06-21 Stagnant ERC Standards Track
1178 Multi-class Token Standard 2018-06-22 Stagnant ERC Standards Track
1185 Storage of DNS Records in ENS 2018-06-26 Stagnant ERC Standards Track
1186 RPC-Method to get Merkle Proofs - eth_getProof 2018-06-24 Stagnant Interface Standards Track
1203 ERC-1203 Multi-Class Token Standard (ERC-20 Extension) 2018-07-01 Stagnant ERC Standards Track
1207 DAuth Access Delegation Standard 2018-07-10 Stagnant ERC Standards Track
1227 Defuse Difficulty Bomb and Reset Block Reward 2018-07-18 Stagnant Core Standards Track
1261 Membership Verification Token (MVT) 2018-07-14 Stagnant ERC Standards Track
1276 Eliminate Difficulty Bomb and Adjust Block Reward on Constantinople Shift 2018-07-31 Stagnant Core Standards Track
1285 Increase Gcallstipend gas in the CALL opcode 2018-08-01 Stagnant Core Standards Track
1295 Modify Ethereum PoW Incentive Structure and Delay Difficulty Bomb 2018-08-05 Stagnant Core Standards Track
1319 Smart Contract Package Registry Interface 2018-08-13 Stagnant ERC Standards Track
1328 WalletConnect Standard URI Format 2018-08-15 Stagnant ERC Standards Track
1337 Subscriptions on the blockchain 2018-08-01 Stagnant ERC Standards Track
1352 Specify restricted address range for precompiles/system contracts 2018-07-27 Stagnant Core Standards Track
1380 Reduced gas cost for call to self 2018-08-31 Stagnant Core Standards Track
1386 Attestation management contract 2018-09-08 Stagnant ERC Standards Track
1387 Merkle Tree Attestations with Privacy enabled 2018-09-08 Stagnant ERC Standards Track
1388 Attestation Issuers Management List 2018-09-08 Stagnant ERC Standards Track
1417 Poll Standard 2018-09-16 Stagnant ERC Standards Track
1438 dApp Components (avatar) & Universal Wallet 2018-09-21 Stagnant ERC Standards Track
1444 Localized Messaging with Signal-to-Text 2018-09-23 Stagnant ERC Standards Track
1450 ERC-1450 A compatible security token for issuing and trading SEC-compliant securities 2018-09-25 Stagnant ERC Standards Track
1459 Node Discovery via DNS 2018-09-26 Stagnant Networking Standards Track
1462 Base Security Token 2018-10-01 Stagnant ERC Standards Track
1470 Smart Contract Weakness Classification (SWC) 2018-09-18 Stagnant Informational
1474 Remote procedure call specification 2018-10-02 Stagnant Interface Standards Track
1482 Define a maximum block timestamp drift 2018-10-09 Stagnant Core Standards Track
1484 Digital Identity Aggregator 2018-10-12 Stagnant ERC Standards Track
1485 TEthashV1 2018-11-01 Stagnant Core Standards Track
1491 Human Cost Accounting Standard (Like Gas but for humans) 2018-10-12 Stagnant ERC Standards Track
1571 EthereumStratum/2.0.0 2018-11-09 Stagnant Interface Standards Track
1577 contenthash field for ENS 2018-11-13 Stagnant ERC Standards Track
1588 Hardfork Meta: Ethereum ProgPoW 2018-11-16 Stagnant Meta
1592 Address and ERC20-compliant transfer rules 2018-11-09 Stagnant ERC Standards Track
1613 Gas stations network 2018-11-18 Stagnant ERC Standards Track
1633 Re-Fungible Token Standard (RFT) 2018-11-18 Stagnant ERC Standards Track
1681 Temporal Replay Protection 2019-01-08 Stagnant Core Standards Track
1702 Generalized Account Versioning Scheme 2017-12-30 Stagnant Core Standards Track
1710 URL Format for Web3 Browsers 2019-01-13 Stagnant ERC Standards Track
1767 GraphQL interface to Ethereum node data 2019-02-14 Stagnant Interface Standards Track
1775 App Keys, application specific wallet accounts 2019-02-20 Stagnant ERC Standards Track
1803 Rename opcodes for clarity 2017-07-28 Stagnant Interface Standards Track
1812 Ethereum Verifiable Claims 2019-03-03 Stagnant ERC Standards Track
1822 Universal Upgradeable Proxy Standard (UUPS) 2019-03-04 Stagnant ERC Standards Track
1829 Precompile for Elliptic Curve Linear Combinations 2019-03-06 Stagnant Core Standards Track
1844 ENS Interface Discovery 2019-03-15 Stagnant ERC Standards Track
1872 Ethereum Network Upgrade Windows 2018-03-25 Stagnant Meta
1895 Support for an Elliptic Curve Cycle 2018-03-31 Stagnant Core Standards Track
1898 Add blockHash to JSON-RPC methods which accept a default block parameter. 2019-04-01 Stagnant Interface Standards Track
1900 dType - Decentralized Type System for EVM 2019-03-28 Stagnant ERC Standards Track
1901 Add OpenRPC Service Discovery To JSON-RPC Services 2019-02-25 Stagnant Interface Standards Track
1921 dType Functions Extension 2019-04-06 Stagnant ERC Standards Track
1922 zk-SNARK Verifier Standard 2018-09-14 Stagnant ERC Standards Track
1923 zk-SNARK Verifier Registry Standard 2018-12-22 Stagnant ERC Standards Track
1930 CALLs with strict gas semantic. Revert if not enough gas available. 2019-04-10 Stagnant Core Standards Track
1948 Non-fungible Data Token 2019-04-18 Stagnant ERC Standards Track
1959 New Opcode to check if a chainID is part of the history of chainIDs 2019-04-20 Stagnant Core Standards Track
1962 EC arithmetic and pairings with runtime definitions 2019-04-22 Stagnant Core Standards Track
1965 Method to check if a chainID is valid at a specific block Number 2019-04-20 Stagnant Core Standards Track
1973 Scalable Rewards 2019-04-01 Stagnant ERC Standards Track
1985 Sane limits for certain EVM parameters 2018-08-01 Stagnant Core Standards Track
1996 Holdable Token 2019-04-10 Stagnant ERC Standards Track
2003 EVMC modules for implementations of precompiled contracts 2019-05-09 Stagnant Interface Standards Track
2009 Compliance Service 2019-05-09 Stagnant ERC Standards Track
2014 Extended State Oracle 2019-05-10 Stagnant Core Standards Track
2015 Wallet Update Ethereum Chain RPC Method (wallet_updateEthereumChain) 2019-05-12 Stagnant Interface Standards Track
2018 Clearable Token 2019-04-30 Stagnant ERC Standards Track
2019 Fundable Token 2019-05-10 Stagnant ERC Standards Track
2020 E-Money Standard Token 2019-05-10 Stagnant ERC Standards Track
2021 Payoutable Token 2019-05-10 Stagnant ERC Standards Track
2026 State Rent H - Fixed Prepayment for accounts 2019-05-14 Stagnant Core Standards Track
2027 State Rent C - Net contract size accounting 2019-05-14 Stagnant Core Standards Track
2029 State Rent A - State counters contract 2019-05-15 Stagnant Core Standards Track
2031 State Rent B - Net transaction counter 2019-05-15 Stagnant Core Standards Track
2035 Stateless Clients - Repricing SLOAD and SSTORE to pay for block proofs 2019-05-16 Stagnant Core Standards Track
2045 Particle gas costs for EVM opcodes 2019-05-17 Stagnant Core Standards Track
2046 Reduced gas cost for static calls made to precompiles 2019-05-17 Stagnant Core Standards Track
2069 Recommendation for using YAML ABI in ERCs/EIPs 2017-02-11 Stagnant Informational
2070 Hardfork Meta: Berlin 2019-05-20 Stagnant Meta
2157 dType Storage Extension - Decentralized Type System for EVM 2019-06-28 Stagnant ERC Standards Track
2193 dType Alias Extension - Decentralized Type System 2019-07-16 Stagnant ERC Standards Track
2242 Transaction Postdata 2019-08-16 Stagnant Core Standards Track
2255 Wallet Permissions System 2019-08-22 Stagnant Interface Standards Track
2256 wallet_getOwnedAssets JSON-RPC Method 2019-08-29 Stagnant Interface Standards Track
2304 Multichain address resolution for ENS 2019-09-09 Stagnant ERC Standards Track
2327 BEGINDATA opcode 2019-10-28 Stagnant Core Standards Track
2330 EXTSLOAD opcode 2019-10-29 Stagnant Core Standards Track
2335 BLS12-381 Keystore 2019-09-30 Stagnant ERC Standards Track
2378 EIPs Eligible for Inclusion 2019-11-13 Stagnant Meta
2386 Ethereum 2 Hierarchical Deterministic Walletstore 2019-11-21 Stagnant ERC Standards Track
2390 Geo-ENS 2019-11-15 Stagnant ERC Standards Track
2400 URL Format for Transaction Receipts 2019-11-05 Stagnant ERC Standards Track
2470 Singleton Factory 2020-01-15 Stagnant ERC Standards Track
2474 Coinbase calls 2020-01-19 Stagnant Core Standards Track
2477 Token Metadata Integrity 2020-01-02 Stagnant ERC Standards Track
2488 Deprecate the CALLCODE opcode 2019-12-20 Stagnant Core Standards Track
2494 Baby Jubjub Elliptic Curve 2020-01-29 Stagnant ERC Standards Track
2515 Implement Difficulty Freeze 2020-02-10 Stagnant Core Standards Track
2520 Multiple contenthash records for ENS 2020-02-18 Stagnant ERC Standards Track
2525 ENSLogin 2020-02-19 Stagnant ERC Standards Track
2537 Precompile for BLS12-381 curve operations 2020-02-21 Stagnant Core Standards Track
2539 BLS12-377 curve operations 2020-02-26 Stagnant Core Standards Track
2542 New opcodes TXGASLIMIT and CALLGASLIMIT 2020-02-29 Stagnant Core Standards Track
2566 Human Readable Parameters for Contract Function Execution 2020-03-23 Stagnant Interface Standards Track
2583 Penalty for account trie misses 2020-02-21 Stagnant Core Standards Track
2584 Trie format transition with overlay trees 2020-04-03 Stagnant Core Standards Track
2593 Escalator fee market change for ETH 1.0 chain 2020-03-13 Stagnant Core Standards Track
2612 permit – 712-signed approvals 2020-04-13 Stagnant ERC Standards Track
2615 Non-Fungible Token with mortgage and rental functions 2020-04-25 Stagnant ERC Standards Track
2645 Hierarchical Deterministic Wallet for Layer-2 2020-05-13 Stagnant ERC Standards Track
2657 Ephemeral Testnet Yolo 2020-04-19 Stagnant Meta
2666 Repricing of precompiles and Keccak256 function 2020-05-22 Stagnant Core Standards Track
2680 Ethereum 2 wallet layout 2020-05-29 Stagnant ERC Standards Track
2746 Rules Engine Standard 2020-06-20 Stagnant ERC Standards Track
2767 Contract Ownership Governance 2020-07-04 Stagnant ERC Standards Track
2770 Meta-Transactions Forwarder Contract 2020-07-01 Stagnant ERC Standards Track
2831 Transaction Replacement Message Type 2020-07-26 Stagnant Interface Standards Track
2844 Add DID related methods to the JSON-RPC 2020-08-01 Stagnant Interface Standards Track
2876 Deposit contract and address standard 2020-08-13 Stagnant ERC Standards Track
2917 Staking Reward Calculation 2020-08-28 Stagnant ERC Standards Track
2926 Chunk-Based Code Merkleization 2020-08-25 Stagnant Core Standards Track
2935 Save historical block hashes in state 2020-09-03 Stagnant Core Standards Track
2936 EXTCLEAR Opcode For SELFDESTRUCTed contracts 2020-09-03 Stagnant Core Standards Track
2937 SET_INDESTRUCTIBLE opcode 2020-09-04 Stagnant Core Standards Track
2938 Account Abstraction 2020-09-04 Stagnant Core Standards Track
2942 EthPM URI Specification 2020-09-04 Stagnant ERC Standards Track
2970 IS_STATIC opcode 2020-09-13 Stagnant Core Standards Track
2980 Swiss Compliant Asset Token 2020-09-08 Stagnant ERC Standards Track
2997 IMPERSONATECALL Opcode 2020-09-24 Stagnant Core Standards Track
3000 Optimistic enactment governance standard 2020-09-24 Stagnant ERC Standards Track
3005 Batched meta transactions 2020-09-25 Stagnant ERC Standards Track
3009 Transfer With Authorization 2020-09-28 Stagnant ERC Standards Track
3026 BW6-761 curve operations 2020-10-05 Stagnant Core Standards Track
3030 BLS Remote Signer HTTP API 2020-09-30 Stagnant Interface Standards Track
3041 Adds baseFee to eth_getBlockByHash 2020-10-13 Stagnant Interface Standards Track
3044 Adds baseFee to eth_getBlockByNumber 2020-10-14 Stagnant Interface Standards Track
3045 Adds baseFee to eth_getUncleByBlockHashAndIndex 2020-10-14 Stagnant Interface Standards Track
3046 Adds baseFee to eth_getUncleByBlockNumberAndIndex 2020-10-14 Stagnant Interface Standards Track
3068 Precompile for BN256 HashToCurve Algorithms 2020-10-23 Stagnant Core Standards Track
3085 Wallet Add Ethereum Chain RPC Method (wallet_addEthereumChain) 2020-11-01 Stagnant Interface Standards Track
3091 Block Explorer API Routes 2020-11-02 Stagnant Interface Standards Track
3135 Exclusive Claimable Token 2020-08-10 Stagnant ERC Standards Track
3143 Increase block rewards to 5 ETH 2020-12-01 Stagnant Core Standards Track
3155 EVM trace specification 2020-12-07 Stagnant Interface Standards Track
3220 Crosschain Identifier Specification 2020-10-21 Stagnant Core Standards Track
3234 Batch Flash Loans 2021-01-31 Stagnant ERC Standards Track
3238 Difficulty Bomb Delay to Q2/2022 2021-01-25 Stagnant Core Standards Track
3267 Giving Ethereum fees to Future Salaries 2021-02-13 Stagnant Core Standards Track
3298 Removal of refunds 2021-02-26 Stagnant Core Standards Track
3300 Phase out refunds 2020-02-26 Stagnant Core Standards Track
3322 Account gas storage opcodes 2020-03-04 Stagnant Core Standards Track
3336 Paged memory allocation for the EVM 2021-03-06 Stagnant Core Standards Track
3337 Frame pointer support for memory load and store operations 2021-03-06 Stagnant Core Standards Track
3368 Increase block rewards to 3 ETH, with 2 Year Decay to 1 ETH Scheduled 2021-03-12 Stagnant Core Standards Track
3372 5 FNV primes for ethash 2021-03-13 Stagnant Core Standards Track
3386 ERC-721 and ERC-1155 to ERC-20 Wrapper 2021-03-12 Stagnant ERC Standards Track
3403 Partial removal of refunds 2021-03-16 Stagnant Core Standards Track
3416 Median Gas Premium 2021-03-18 Stagnant Core Standards Track
3440 ERC-721 Editions Standard 2021-04-20 Stagnant ERC Standards Track
3450 Standardized Shamir Secret Sharing Scheme for BIP-39 Mnemonics 2021-03-29 Stagnant ERC Standards Track
3508 Transaction Data Opcodes 2021-04-16 Stagnant Core Standards Track
3520 Transaction Destination Opcode 2021-04-16 Stagnant Core Standards Track
3521 Reduce access list cost 2021-04-15 Stagnant Core Standards Track
3534 Restricted Chain Context Type Transactions 2021-04-20 Stagnant Core Standards Track
3561 Trust Minimized Upgradeability Proxy 2021-05-09 Stagnant ERC Standards Track
3584 Block Access List 2021-05-22 Stagnant Core Standards Track
3589 Assemble assets into NFTs 2021-05-24 Stagnant ERC Standards Track
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